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Welcome to Qodesh Books, South Africa.

Free calendar indicating Scriptural Festivals for 2015!
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n Nuwe artikel in Afrikaans wat oor die Feeste en Vasgestelde Tye van Yahuweh handel. (2.5Mb in PDF formaat)
Kliek hier om oop te maak

As Qodesh Books operates from home, we kindly request that you call (011/660-9075) before visiting to ensure we are available to receive you.
We do not offer debit/credit card facilities.
Please note that Qodesh Books is closed on Sabbaths (Saturdays) and during Festivals.

Please feel free to look around or order any books from our online shop facility or if you wish to order via post, read our mail order instructions. If you'd like to order from Australia, New Zealand or the South East Pacific, click here to go to our New Zealand website.

There is also a variety of online articles which you can read.


Qodesh Books
South Africa

NEW! - The Scriptures 2009 Edition

A literal translation of the Tanakh/Old Testament based upon the Hebrew Masoretic Text, and the Messianic Writings/New Testament based on the Textus Receptus Greek Text, modifications to these being made as appropriate in the light of other vital sources. It restores the use of the Hebrew form of the Name of the Father, and also that of the Son, as well as Hebraic name-forms of persons and places throughout.
Translator: Institute for Scripture Research
Publisher: Institute for Scripture Research


The Scriptures Hard Cover now comes packaged in a neat designer slip case for extra protection, it is silver edged, with three satin ribbons,
as well as a
Svepa Soft PU Flexi-Cover Duotone edition, packaged in a designer box for extra protection, with transparent window. Silver edged, with three satin ribbons matching the cover material.

Hard cover slipcaseDuotone purpleDuotone tan

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Qodesh Books banking details

Account Name: Qodesh Books
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Clearwater Mall
Branch Code: 25 11 41
Account Number: 621 851 685 83
Type of account: Cheque Account

Click on the image above if you'd like to order from Australia, New Zealand or the South East Pacific.

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